Amazing Invention of the Day: The Fastidious Icky Goo Scooper

Outstanding advancements in medicine and super creepy Androids aren’t the only jaw-dropping inventions out there. Every once in a while, an incredibly random—and at first glance, seemingly useless—device comes along and strikes a chord of strangely deep satisfaction. Behold, the SWITL, a mysterious goo-scraper robot hand created by factory equipment manufacturer Furukawa Kikou:

From what I can glean from a very rough Google translation, it sounds like the SWITL was developed for food production in factory assembly lines. Decipher it if you can:

“First! Sol-gel Kuzusazu move work? Revolutionary ‘machine Sukuiage transferring’ development! Original shape even without a breeze moves mayonnaise and ketchup. The robot hand was soft work can be handled until now could not handle. Scoop without changing the form of ketchup and mayonnaise and other work, can be moved intact to another location. Developed the world’s first robot hand, a wide range of industries and technologies and seeds, is also expanding its application fields.”

Regardless of its application, the machine’s “squeegeeing” ability is pretty impressive. No trace left behind. None. Utterly mind boggling. Some are charging fakery, but the real question is…

How does this thing work?

Via Amazing Invention of the Day: The Fastidious Icky Goo Scooper on WonderHowTo.


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