Holy Mother, a Massive Machete-Shooting Slingshot

Jörg Sprave is unarguably the teddy bear of all weapon enthusiasts. Charming, polite, and impressively elegant in handling tiresome and offensive YouTube comments…

“you have? such big boobs,dude!!!!!!!!!” -says 2298395 

@2298395 (from Sprave)- “The two ‘B’s? are the cause for that – Benchpressing and Beer :-)

…Sprave is deservedly admired web-wide. He is the proud owner of the world’s largest slingshot collection, and when his unruly YouTube fans asked him to build a slingshot that fires machetes, he took them up on the challenge:

“Now a machete is a very heavy weapon, and strong rubber plus a very long draw was called for. This had to be a slingshot crossbow because the rubber has to be so strong that you can not draw it out with one hand. Also the danger of hitting the hand had to be considered. The result is actually pretty impressive: The weapon sent the machete all the way up to the hilt into six layers of very thick cardboard. Try to do that by throwing a machete! No way.”

Check it out, Sprave’s impressively large rifle-cum-slingshot machete shooter:

Via Holy Mother, a Massive Machete-Shooting Slingshot on WonderHowTo.


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