Hybrid Revolver Shotgun Hacked Together from Spare Gun Parts

When it comes to break action shotguns, one or two rounds might not be enough for some gun enthusiasts. Even the five-cartridge capacity that most pump action shotguns feature isn’t enough buckshot for diehards. So, what kind of 12 gauge shotgun can hold more than five rounds? The AA-12 auto assault shotgun holds 32 rounds, but that’s probably just overkill. Where’s the happy medium, then?

They aren’t common, but heavy duty revolver shotguns can chamber five or six rounds, depending on the cylinder. And one crazy amateur gunsmith has hacked together his own six-round capacity !12 gauge shotgun through trial and error, which combines the sturdy reliability of a smoothbore firearm with the rotating action of a revolver handgun.

Home Gunsmith user rhmc24 concocted his homemade firearm from parts of various guns, including the chambers from scrap 12 gauge shotgun barrels, hammer from an 1857 Remington revolver, and various other parts from an Italian auto shotgun.

It loads like a Colt Single Action Army revolver, but the under-lever rotates and cocks it. Also, it’s a fairly smooth weapon, with the recoil hardly noticeable.

In the shots below, at the top is the firing pin screwed in, an impact type with return spring. On the left side of the gun, the ratchet and pawl the cocks the hammer are visible.

Rhmc24 also notes that the cylinder indexing lock is external, operated by the under-lever. At the very bottom, the small knob releases the cylinder to turn clockwise for loading.

This is undeniably one badass shotgun, and what makes it even more awesome is that it was built practically from scratch. As to the legality of this weapon, who knows? But California is surely one to miss out on this beast. If you attempt to craft a similar shotgun, make sure you check the laws in your area for cylinder-based shotguns.

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