With Walking tour, Exclusive and Custom made tours and others alternative tours in Milan, Urban Safari Tours is known for its cultural offers. It’s not difficult to immagine how tourists are interested in discovering new ways to visit Milan.

Milan is the city of fashion, good food, a modern city that is constantly evolving. Then visit the Castello Sforzesco, Duomo … is no longer the only way to know Milan. Why the Milanese culture is not only that, but it is much more.

Milan is one of the capitals most famous in several respects. Culture, European-style, which is produced in Italy and exported throughout the world. Milan is also the heart of the industrial sector and fuinanziario. It reveals so many points to visit not only for tesroi Renaissance, but also for much else.

The walking tours allow you to get off the streets of the city, to walk together to the Milanese, to grasp even small habits of everyday life, or the details of the buildings, the houses of the locals. Each walking tour can be extraordinary. It can make you know much more than what you see on the paper guides, or you can discover through standard channels.

Precisely for this Italybestour has made walking tours in Mlano its core business, involving a functional network guides Milanese who love their city and know it deeply. The professionalism of these guides, time-tested, and knowledge of the network have enabled us to create alternative tours in Milan.

Discover now Walkin tours.

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